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This page contains the complete list of machines available. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables. Note that the entries for each machine are placed into different xml files in the CASEROOT directory. A summary follows:

xml variable CASEROOT file
COMPILERS env_build.xml
COMPILER env_build.xml
MPILIBS env_build.xml
OS env_build.xml
GMAKE_J env_build.xml
EXEROOT env_build.xml
RUNDIR env_run.xml
DIN_LOC_ROOT env_run.xml
DOUT_S_ROOT env_run.xml
DOUT_L_MSROOT env_run.xml
CCSM_BASELINE env_run.xml
CCSM_CPRNC env_run.xml
BATCHQUERY env_run.xml
BATCHSUBMIT env_run.xml
MAX_TASKS_PER_NODE env_mach_pes.xml
PES_PER_NODE env_mach_pes.xml
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config_machines.xml variables

Machine Name OS Compilers MPI Libs Support
userdefined USERDEFINED_required_macros intel,ibm,pgi,pathscale,gnu,cray,lahey openmpi,mpich,mpt,mpt,ibm,mpi-serial USERDEFINED_optional
bluefire AIX ibm ibm,mpi-serial cseg
bluewaters CNL cray,pgi,gnu mpich,mpi-serial jedwards -at-
brutus LINUX pgi,intel openmpi,mpich,mpi-serial tcraig -at-
eastwind LINUX pgi mpich tcraig -at-
erebus LINUX intel,pgi,gnu,pathscale ibm,mpi-serial jedwards -at-
evergreen LINUX intel openmpi tcraig -at-
frankfurt LINUX pgi,intel openmpi,mpich,mpi-serial tcraig -at-
hera LINUX pgi mpich,mpi-serial mirin1 -at-
hopper CNL pgi,intel,gnu,cray,pathscale mpt,mpi-serial cseg
intrepid BGP ibm ibm cseg
janus LINUX intel,pgi openmpi,mpi-serial cseg
lynx CNL pgi,intel,pathscale,gnu,cray mpich,mpi-serial cseg
mira BGQ ibm ibm mickelso -at-
olympus LINUX pgi mpich tcraig -at-
pleiades LINUX intel mpich,mpi-serial fvitt -at-
pleiades-westmere LINUX intel mpich,mpi-serial fvitt -at-
sierra LINUX pgi mpich,mpi-serial mirin1 -at-
titan CNL pgi mpich,mpi-serial cseg
yellowstone LINUX intel,pgi,gnu,pathscale mpich2,pempi,mpi-serial cseg