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This page contains the complete list of DRV namelist variables available. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

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DRV: Component Field Exchange (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
cplflds_custom char*1024(200) seq_cplflds_userspec
flds_co2_dmsa logical seq_cplflds_inparm
flds_co2a logical seq_cplflds_inparm
flds_co2b logical seq_cplflds_inparm
flds_co2c logical seq_cplflds_inparm
glc_nec integer seq_cplflds_inparm

DRV: Experiment Definition (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
bfbflag logical seq_infodata_inparm
brnch_retain_casename logical seq_infodata_inparm
budget_month integer seq_infodata_inparm
case_desc char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
case_name char*128 seq_infodata_inparm
cpl_cdf64 logical seq_infodata_inparm
cpl_decomp integer seq_infodata_inparm
hostname char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
info_debug integer seq_infodata_inparm
model_version char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
ocean_tight_coupling logical seq_infodata_inparm
restart_file char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
start_type char*64 seq_infodata_inparm
tchkpt_dir char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
timing_dir char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
username char*256 seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Control (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
flux_albav logical seq_infodata_inparm
flux_epbal char*8 seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Domain Check (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
eps_aarea real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_agrid real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_amask real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_frac real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_oarea real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_ogrid real seq_infodata_inparm
eps_omask real seq_infodata_inparm
pts_settings char*512 seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Mapping (seq_maps.rc)

Namelist Variable Type Group
aoflux_grid char*64 seq_infodata_inparm
atm2icefmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2icefmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2icesmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2icesmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2icevmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2icevmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2lndfmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2lndfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2lndsmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2lndsmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnfmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnsmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnsmaptype char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnvmapname char*256 seq_maps
atm2ocnvmaptype char*256 seq_maps
ice2atmfmapname char*256 seq_maps
ice2atmfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
ice2atmsmapname char*256 seq_maps
ice2atmsmaptype char*256 seq_maps
lnd2atmfmapname char*256 seq_maps
lnd2atmfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
lnd2atmsmapname char*256 seq_maps
lnd2atmsmaptype char*256 seq_maps
lnd2roffmapname char*256 seq_maps
lnd2roffmaptype char*256 seq_maps
ocn2atmfmapname char*256 seq_maps
ocn2atmfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
ocn2atmsmapname char*256 seq_maps
ocn2atmsmaptype char*256 seq_maps
rof2lndfmapname char*256 seq_maps
rof2lndfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
rof2ocnfmapname char*256 seq_maps
rof2ocnfmaptype char*256 seq_maps
samegrid_al logical seq_infodata_inparm
samegrid_ao logical seq_infodata_inparm
samegrid_ro logical seq_infodata_inparm
shr_map_dopole logical seq_infodata_inparm
vect_map char*64 seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Budgets (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
budget_ann integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_daily integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_inst integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_ltann integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_ltend integer seq_infodata_inparm
do_budgets logical seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: History (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
do_histinit logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_a2x logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_a2x24hr logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_a2x3hr logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_a2x3hrp logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_l2x logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_r2x logical seq_infodata_inparm
histaux_s2x1yr logical seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Orbital Control Settings (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
orb_eccen real seq_infodata_inparm
orb_iyear integer seq_infodata_inparm
orb_iyear_align integer seq_infodata_inparm
orb_mode char*64 seq_infodata_inparm
orb_obliq real seq_infodata_inparm
orb_velp real seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Time Manager (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
atm_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
atm_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
calendar char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm
end_restart logical seq_timemgr_inparm
glc_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
glc_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
histavg_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
histavg_option char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm
histavg_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
history_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
history_option char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm
history_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ice_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ice_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
lnd_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
lnd_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ocn_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ocn_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
restart_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
restart_option char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm
restart_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
rof_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
start_tod integer seq_timemgr_inparm
start_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_option char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
tprof_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
tprof_option char*16 seq_timemgr_inparm

DRV: PE Layout (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
atm_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
atm_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
atm_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
atm_pestride integer ccsm_pes
atm_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
cpl_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
cpl_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
cpl_pestride integer ccsm_pes
cpl_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
glc_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
glc_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
glc_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
glc_pestride integer ccsm_pes
glc_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
ice_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
ice_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
ice_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
ice_pestride integer ccsm_pes
ice_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
lnd_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
lnd_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
lnd_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
lnd_pestride integer ccsm_pes
lnd_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
ocn_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
ocn_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
ocn_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
ocn_pestride integer ccsm_pes
ocn_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
rof_layout char*32 ccsm_pes
rof_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
rof_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
rof_pestride integer ccsm_pes
rof_rootpe integer ccsm_pes

DRV: Performance Timers (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
drv_threading logical seq_infodata_inparm
profile_barrier logical prof_inparm
profile_depth_limit integer prof_inparm
profile_detail_limit integer prof_inparm
profile_disable logical prof_inparm
profile_global_stats logical prof_inparm
profile_single_file logical prof_inparm
profile_timer integer prof_inparm
run_barriers logical seq_infodata_inparm

DRV: Parallel I/O Settings (drv_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
pio_async_interface logical pio_default_inparm
pio_blocksize integer pio_default_inparm
pio_buffer_size_limit integer pio_default_inparm
pio_debug_level integer pio_default_inparm
pio_numiotasks integer pio_default_inparm
pio_root integer pio_default_inparm
pio_stride integer pio_default_inparm
pio_typename char*64 pio_default_inparm