EXPERTS: How do I create my own compset?

Several compsets are hardwired in the CESM1 release. "create_newcase -l" provides a current listing of supported "out-of-the-box" compsets.

To create a customized compset,

> cd $CCSMROOT/scripts

Now copy sample_compset_file.xml to another file, e.g. my_compset.xml.

> cp sample_compset_file.xml my_compset.xml

Edit the file, my_compset.xml, to create your own compset configuration. In particular, the NAME, SHORTNAME, DESC, and COMP_ variables must be specified. Other CESM env variables can optionally be added here. See scripts/ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_compsets.xml for other variables that might be related to compset configuration.

Next run create_newcase with the optional -compset_file argument. Assume below that the compset name that is given in the my_compset.xml file is MYCS.

> create_newcase -case mycase -res f19_g16 -compset MYCS -mach mymach -compset_file my_compset.xml

The case mycase should have been generated and the configuration should be consistent with settings from the my_compset.xml file.