The create_test_suite tool is located in the scripts directory and can be used to set up a suite of standalone test cases automatically. To use this tool, a list of tests needs to exist in a file. Some examples can be found in the directory scripts/ccsm_utils/Testlists. create_test_suite in invoked on a list of tests and then the full list of tests is generated. In addition, an automated submission script and reporting script are created. The cs.submit script reduces the time to submit multiple test cases significantly. To use this tool, do something like the following

create a list of desired tests in some filename, i.e. my_lists
> create_test_suite -input_list my_lists -testid suite01
> ./cs.status.suite01
> ./cs.submit.suite01.$MACH
> ./cs.status.suite01

The cs.status script is generated by create_test_suite, and it reports the status of all the tests in the suite. The cs.submit script builds and submits all the tests sequentially. The cs.submit script should only be executed once to build and submit all the tests. The cs.status script can be executed as often as needed to check the status of the tests. When all the tests have completed running, then the results are static and complete. To help debug failed tests, see the Section called Debugging Tests That Fail..