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Fortran: Module Interface ndepStreamMod (Source File: ndepStreamMod.F90)

Contains methods for reading in nitrogen deposition data file Also includes functions for dynamic ndep file handling and interpolation.

!USES use shr_kind_mod, only: r8 => shr_kind_r8, CL => shr_kind_cl use shr_strdata_mod use shr_stream_mod use shr_string_mod use shr_sys_mod use shr_mct_mod use mct_mod

use spmdMod , only: mpicom, masterproc, comp_id, iam use clm_varpar , only: lsmlon, lsmlat use clm_varctl , only: iulog use controlMod , only: NLFilename use abortutils , only: endrun use fileutils , only: getavu, relavu use decompMod , only : get_proc_bounds, ldecomp, gsmap_lnd_gdc2glo


   implicit none
   integer, public :: stream_year_first_ndep   ! first year in stream to use
   integer, public :: stream_year_last_ndep    ! last year in stream to use
   integer, public :: model_year_align_ndep    ! align stream_year_firstndep with 
   public :: ndep_init   ! position datasets for dynamic ndep
   public :: ndep_interp ! interpolates between two years of ndep file data

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15