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   subroutine casa_write_cpool()

Writes out a CPOOL_INITIAL file containing the mapped carbon pools. It may be read later in initCASA() during initialization. This file is not saved or shipped to the Mass Storage System since it is really just for debugging. Carbon pool states are saved now in initial datasets.


     use decompMod    , only : get_proc_bounds, get_proc_global
     use subgridAveMod, only : p2g
     use domainMod    , only : ldomain, llatlon
     use clm_varpar   , only : lsmlon, lsmlat
     use spmdMod      , only : masterproc
     use ncdio_pio
     implicit none
     type(file_desc_t):: ncid ! file id
     integer :: omode         ! netCDF mode returned
     integer :: dimid         ! netCDF dimension id
     integer :: begp, endp    ! per-proc beginning and ending pft indices
     integer :: begc, endc    ! per-proc beginning and ending column indices
     integer :: begl, endl    ! per-proc beginning and ending landunit indices
     integer :: begg, endg    ! per-proc gridcell ending gridcell indices
     integer :: numg          ! total number of gridcells across all processors
     integer :: numl          ! total number of landunits across all processors
     integer :: numc          ! total number of columns across all processors
     integer :: nump          ! total number of pfts across all processors
     integer :: ier           ! error flag
     integer :: n,m,g         ! index
     real(r8), pointer :: histi(:,:)
     real(r8), pointer :: histo(:,:)
     real(r8), pointer :: hist1do(:)
     character(len=32) :: subname='casa_write_cpool' ! subroutine name
     ! pointers
     real(r8), pointer :: Tpool_C(:,:) ! Total C pool size
   initCASA() for debugging.
   2004.08.17 Created by Forrest Hoffman

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15