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   subroutine initialize2( )

Land model initialization. o Initializes run control variables via the [clm_inparm] namelist. o Reads surface data on model grid. o Defines the multiple plant types and fraction areas for each surface type. o Builds the appropriate subgrid <-> grid mapping indices and weights. o Set up parallel processing. o Initializes time constant variables. o Reads restart data for a restart or branch run. o Reads initial data and initializes the time variant variables for an initial run. o Initializes history file output. o Initializes river routing model. o Initializes accumulation variables.


     use clm_atmlnd      , only : init_atm2lnd_type, init_lnd2atm_type, &
                                  clm_a2l, clm_l2a, atm_a2l, atm_l2a, &
     use initGridCellsMod, only : initGridCells
     use clm_varctl      , only : finidat, fpftdyn
     use clmtypeInitMod  , only : initClmtype
     use domainMod       , only : gatm, ldomain, adomain, llatlon, alatlon
     use decompMod       , only : adecomp,ldecomp, &
                                  get_proc_clumps, get_clump_bounds, &
                                  get_proc_bounds, get_proc_bounds_atm
     use downscaleMod    , only : map_setmapsFM, map1dl_a2l, map1dl_l2a
     use filterMod       , only : allocFilters, setFilters
     use histFldsMod     , only : hist_initFlds
     use histFileMod     , only : hist_htapes_build
     use restFileMod     , only : restFile_getfile, &
                                  restFile_open, restFile_close, restFile_read 
     use accFldsMod      , only : initAccFlds, initAccClmtype
     use mkarbinitMod    , only : mkarbinit
     use pftdynMod       , only : pftdyn_init, pftdyn_interp
 #ifdef CN
     use ndepStreamMod    , only : ndep_init, ndep_interp
     use CNEcosystemDynMod, only : CNEcosystemDynInit
 #if (defined CNDV)
     use pftdynMod             , only : pftwt_init
     use CNDVEcosystemDyniniMod, only : CNDVEcosystemDynini
     use STATICEcosysDynMod , only : EcosystemDynini, readAnnualVegetation
     use STATICEcosysDynMod , only : interpMonthlyVeg
     use DustMod         , only : Dustini
 #if (defined CASA)
     use CASAMod         , only : initCASA
     use CASAPhenologyMod, only : initCASAPhenology
     use CASAiniTimeVarMod,only : CASAiniTimeVar
 #if (defined RTM) 
     use RtmMod          , only : Rtmini
     use clm_time_manager, only : get_curr_date, get_nstep, advance_timestep, &
                                  timemgr_init, timemgr_restart_io, timemgr_restart
     use clm_time_manager, only : get_step_size, get_curr_calday
     use fileutils       , only : getfil
     use UrbanMod        , only : UrbanClumpInit
     use UrbanInitMod    , only : UrbanInitTimeConst, UrbanInitTimeVar, UrbanInitAero 
     use UrbanInputMod   , only : UrbanInput
     use clm_glclnd      , only : init_glc2lnd_type, init_lnd2glc_type, &
                                  clm_x2s, clm_s2x, atm_x2s, atm_s2x
     use seq_drydep_mod  , only : n_drydep, drydep_method, DD_XLND
     use shr_orb_mod        , only : shr_orb_decl
     use initSurfAlbMod     , only : initSurfAlb, do_initsurfalb 
     use clm_atmlnd         , only : clm_map2gcell
     use clm_varorb         , only : eccen, mvelpp, lambm0, obliqr
     implicit none
   Created by Gordon Bonan, Sam Levis and Mariana Vertenstein

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15