Testing CLM tools using the CLM Stand-Alone Tools Testing Scripts

In the models/lnd/clm/test/system directory there is a set of test scripts that is specific to stand-alone CLM tools. It allows you to test the CLM tools such as mkgriddata and mksurfdata_map. The main driver script is called test_driver.sh and it is normally run interactively. Like other scripts you can get help on it by running the "-help" option as: test_driver.sh -help. There is also a README file that gives details about environment variables that can be given to test_driver.sh to change it's operation.

To run tests interactively:

> cd models/lnd/clm/test/system
> ./test_driver.sh -i
The output of the help option is as follows:

Only setup to work on: yellowstone, bluefire, mirage, lynx, jaguarpf, edinburgh, and yong

A table of the list of tests and the machines they are run on is available from: test_table.html