CESM Models

CESM1.1 Series Release Notes

The CESM1.1 Release Notes page contains summary information for each release in the CESM1.1 series, where notable new features are highlighted and known problems are documented as they are discovered.

For complete information about all the releases in the CESM1.1 series, see the CESM Code Release page, where you will find a scientific discussion of the CESM1.1's notable improvements, model output and diagnostics, complete model documentation, and model inputdata information.

Please note that updates on issues, including bugs, associate with this model release, will be posted on the Known Issues (see below) and through the CESM Bulletin Board. It is the users responsibility to continually keep informed of these issues.

Release Summary for CESM1.1.2

CESM1.1.2 is an incremental bug fix release for CESM1.1.1.

Release Summary for CESM1.1.1

CESM1.1.1 is now supported on machines Yellowstone and Titan. CESM1.1.1 has the flexibility to configure cases with many different combinations of component models, grids, and models settings. We are in the process of scientifically validating more resolutions and component sets, primarily targeted to CAM5 component sets. Validated CESM1.1.1 model results and diagnostics are posted under Experiments & Diagnostics.

Release Summary for CESM1.1.0

The purpose of the CESM1.1.0 (CESM1.1) release is to make available to the CESM user community model functionality and infrastructure improvements. It is to be used as a code base for new model developments that require this new infrastructure. This release contains no scientifically validated (i.e. supported) component sets. As such, it is not to be used for scientific simulations.