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This page contains the complete list of xml variables in env_build.xml. These variables are locked after $ is called. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

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Macro Generation Settings (used by setup)

Variable Name File Name
OS env_build.xml
COMPILERS env_build.xml
COMPILER env_build.xml
MPILIBS env_build.xml
MPILIB env_build.xml
PIO_CONFIG_OPTS env_build.xml

Build Control Settings (used by $

Variable Name File Name
EXEROOT env_build.xml
SUPPORTED_BY env_build.xml
CALENDAR env_build.xml
COMP_INTERFACE env_build.xml
USE_ESMF_LIB env_build.xml
DEBUG env_build.xml
BUILD_THREADED env_build.xml
USE_TRILINOS env_build.xml
GMAKE env_build.xml
GMAKE_J env_build.xml

CAM build-time settings

Variable Name File Name
CAM_CONFIG_OPTS env_build.xml
CAM_DYCORE env_build.xml

CICE build-time settings

Variable Name File Name
CICE_MODE env_build.xml
CICE_CONFIG_OPTS env_build.xml
CICE_AUTO_DECOMP env_build.xml
CICE_BLCKX env_build.xml
CICE_BLCKY env_build.xml
CICE_MXBLCKS env_build.xml
CICE_DECOMPTYPE env_build.xml

CLM build-time settings

Variable Name File Name
CLM_CONFIG_OPTS env_build.xml

POP2 build-time settings

Variable Name File Name
OCN_SUBMODEL env_build.xml
OCN_TRACER_MODULES env_build.xml
POP_AUTO_DECOMP env_build.xml
POP_BLCKX env_build.xml
POP_BLCKY env_build.xml
POP_NX_BLOCKS env_build.xml
POP_NY_BLOCKS env_build.xml
POP_MXBLCKS env_build.xml
POP_DECOMPTYPE env_build.xml

Build Status (For Documentation Only: DO NOT EDIT)

Variable Name File Name
BUILD_COMPLETE env_build.xml
SMP_BUILD env_build.xml
SMP_VALUE env_build.xml
NINST_BUILD env_build.xml
NINST_VALUE env_build.xml
BUILD_STATUS env_build.xml

Build Derived Directories (DO NOT EDIT)

Variable Name File Name
OBJROOT env_build.xml
LIBROOT env_build.xml
INCROOT env_build.xml
SHAREDLIBROOT env_build.xml

Model Grid Specification (Experts Only: in general DO NOT EDIT)

Variable Name File Name
GRID env_build.xml
ATM_GRID env_build.xml
ATM_NX env_build.xml
ATM_NY env_build.xml
LND_GRID env_build.xml
LND_NX env_build.xml
LND_NY env_build.xml
OCN_GRID env_build.xml
OCN_NX env_build.xml
OCN_NY env_build.xml
ICE_GRID env_build.xml
ICE_NX env_build.xml
ICE_NY env_build.xml
ROF_GRID env_build.xml
ROF_NX env_build.xml
ROF_NY env_build.xml
GLC_GRID env_build.xml
GLC_NX env_build.xml
GLC_NY env_build.xml
WAV_GRID env_build.xml
WAV_NX env_build.xml
WAV_NY env_build.xml
MASK_GRID env_build.xml