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This page contains the complete list of xml variables in env_case.xml. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

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env_case.xml variables (locked after create_newcase is called)

Variable Name File Name
SCIENCE_SUPPORT env_case.xml
CASE env_case.xml
CASEROOT env_case.xml
CCSMROOT env_case.xml
MACH env_case.xml
CCSM_MACHDIR env_case.xml
SUPPORTED_BY env_case.xml
CCSMUSER env_case.xml
COMP_ATM env_case.xml
COMP_LND env_case.xml
COMP_ICE env_case.xml
COMP_GLC env_case.xml
COMP_OCN env_case.xml
COMP_ROF env_case.xml
COMP_WAV env_case.xml
COMP_CPL env_case.xml
CODEROOT env_case.xml
SCRIPTSROOT env_case.xml
UTILROOT env_case.xml
OS env_case.xml
CCSM_COMPSET env_case.xml
CCSM_LCOMPSET env_case.xml
CCSM_SCOMPSET env_case.xml
CCSM_CCOST env_case.xml
CCSM_GCOST env_case.xml
CCSM_MCOST env_case.xml
XMLMODE env_case.xml
CCSM_BASELINE env_case.xml
CCSM_CPRNC env_case.xml
CASETOOLS env_case.xml
CASEBUILD env_case.xml
NAME env_case.xml
DESC env_case.xml
TESTCASE env_case.xml
CASEBASEID env_case.xml
TEST_ARGV env_case.xml
TEST_TESTID env_case.xml
MODEL_GEN_COMP env_case.xml
BASEGEN_CASE env_case.xml
BASECMP_CASE env_case.xml
BASELINE_ROOT env_case.xml
BASELINE_NAME_GEN env_case.xml
BASELINE_NAME_CMP env_case.xml
CLEANUP env_case.xml