Search or Browse DATM Component Model Namelist Variables

This page contains the complete list of DATM namelist variables available. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

DATM namelists can be separated into two groups, stream-independent namelist variables that are specific to the DATM model and stream-specific namelist variables that are contained in share code. In particular, strdata (short for "stream data") input is set via a fortran namelist called "shr_strdata_nml". That namelist, the strdata datatype, and the methods are contained in the share source code file, "models/csm_share/shr/shr_strdata_mod.F90". In general, strdata input defines an array of input streams and operations to perform on those streams. Therefore, many namelist inputs are arrays of character strings. Different variable of the same index are associated. For instance, mapalgo(1) spatial interpolation will be performed between streams(1) and the target domain.

For stream-independent input, the namelist input filename is hardwired in the data model code to "datm_in" (or datm_in_NNNN for multiple instances) and the namelist group is called "datm_nml". The variable formats are character string (char), integer (int), double precision real (r8), or logical (log) or one dimensional arrays of any of those things (array of ...).

For stream-dependent input, the namelist input file is "datm_atm_in" (or datm_atm_in_NNNN for multiple instances) and the namelist group is "shr_strdata_nml". One of the variables in shr_strdata_nml is the datamode value. The mode is selected by a character string set in the strdata namelist variable datamode. Each data model has a unique set of datamode values that it supports. Those for DATM are listed in detail in the datamode.

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DATM: Stream Settings (file datm_atm_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
datamode char*256 shr_strdata_nml
domainfile char*256 shr_strdata_nml
dtlimit real(30) shr_strdata_nml
fillalgo char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
fillmask char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
fillread char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
fillwrite char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
mapalgo char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
mapmask char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
mapread char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
mapwrite char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
streams char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
taxmode char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
tintalgo char*256(30) shr_strdata_nml
vectors char*256 shr_strdata_nml

DATM: Non-stream Settings (file datm_in)

Namelist Variable Type Group
atm_in char*256 datm_nml
decomp char*4 datm_nml
factorfn char*256 datm_nml
iradsw integer datm_nml
logfile char*256 modelio
presaero logical datm_nml
restfilm char*256 datm_nml
restfils char*256 datm_nml