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This page contains the complete list of RTM namelist variables available. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

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RTM: Control Settings

Namelist Variable Type Group
finidat_rtm char*256 rtm_inparm
flood_mode char*256 rtm_inparm
frivinp_rtm char*256 rtm_inparm
ice_runoff logical rtm_inparm
nrevsn_rtm char*256 rtm_inparm
rtm_effvel char*256 rtm_inparm
rtm_mode char*256 rtm_inparm
rtm_tstep integer rtm_inparm

RTM: History Settings

Namelist Variable Type Group
rtmhist_fexcl1 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_fexcl2 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_fexcl3 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_fincl1 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_fincl2 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_fincl3 char*34(1000) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_mfilt integer(6) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_ndens integer(6) rtm_inparm
rtmhist_nhtfrq integer(6) rtm_inparm