Modifying an xml file

You can edit the xml files directly to change the variable values. However, modification of the xml variables is best done using xmlchange in the $CASEROOT directory since it performs variable error checking as part of changing values in the xml files. To invoke xmlchange:

xmlchange <entry id>=<value>
-- OR --
xmlchange -id <entry id> -val <name> -file <filename>
          [-help] [-silent] [-verbose] [-warn] [-append] [-file]


The xml variable name to be changed. (required)


The intended value of the variable associated with the -id argument. (required)

Note: If you want a single quotation mark ("'", also called an apostrophe) to appear in the string provided by the -val option, you must specify it as "&apos;".


The xml file to be edited. (optional)


Turns on silent mode. Only fatal messages will be issued. (optional)


Echoes all settings made by create_newcase and cesm_setup. (optional)


Print usage info to STDOUT. (optional)