Chapter 4. CPL7 Namelist

Namelist Overview

A full description of all driver namelist options are in driver namelists There are three important driver/coupler namelist input files (cpl_modelio.nml, drv_in, and seq_maps.rc) and each file has at least one namelist input group. The namelist groups are modelio, seq_infodata_inparm, seq_timemgr_inparm, ccsm_pes, prof_inparm, pio_inparm, and seq_maps.

The cpl_modelio.nml file sets the filename for the primary standard output file. Existance is largely historical. Existance is largely historical. In CESM1.1, the cpl.buildnml.csh script actually generates the _modelio.nml files for all components by a call to the cpl build-namelist.

The drv_in input file contains several different namelist groups associated with general options, time manager options, pe layout, timing output, and parallel IO settings. The different groups are seq_infodata_inparm, seq_timemgr_inparm, ccsm_pes, prof_inparm, and pio_inparm. The seq_infodata_inparm_namelists are associated with some general driver/coupler options. The seq_maps.rc file specifies the mapping files for the configuration and is generated by the cpl.buildnml.csh file. It is NOT a Fortran namelist file but the format should be relatively clear from the default settings.