The conversion factor has been fixed in versions csim4_8_16 and later. (csim5_0_2 was in the CCSM3.0 release)

csim4_8_15 was used in CCSM versions ccsm3_0_beta08 and earlier.
csim4_8_16 was used in CCSM versions ccsm3_0_beta09 and later.

Note that in the vector version of the ice model, the method of indexing the conversion factors has been replaced by a less error prone method. This is in versions csim5_0_0 and later.

Here are the variables affected and the factors needed to correct the fields:

Index Number Variable Name Erroneous Conversion Factor Correct Factor
35 Qref mps_to_cmpdy/dt kg_to_g
36 growb mps_to_cmpdy/rhoi mps_to_cmpdy/dt
37 frazil mps_to_cmpdy/dt mps_to_cmpdy/rhoi
41 meltl secday mps_to_cmpdy/dt
43 Fsalt_aice mps_to_cmpdy/rhofresh secday
45 Fresh_aice 1 mps_to_cmpdy/rhofresh
58 strength secday*c100 1
61 opening 1 secday*c100
63 sig2 mps_to_cmpdy 1
65 dvidtd secday*c100 mps_to_cmpdy
67 daidtd 1 secday*c100

To correct the field, multiply the bad field by the correct factor and divide by the erroneous factor.