CESM Legacy Releases

CCSM 4.0April 2010Notable improvements. CCSM4.0 is a subset of CESM1.0. All CCSM4.0 compsets and resolutions are also found in the currently supported release of CESM1.0. Please access the CESM1.0.z release pages to obtain all information that also pertains to the CCSM4.0 release.
Support for CCSM 3.0 and all previous versions of CCSM has expired. Please see the CESM Support Policy for details.
CCSM 3.0June 2004Notable improvements. Numerous multi-century control runs have been conducted at low, medium, and high resolutions and are available to the general public for examination and analysis.
CCSM 2.0.1October 2002Provides an incremental improvement over CCSM2.0. A number of minor problems were fixed, forcing datasets were updated, and a lower-resolution paleo version (T31/gx3v4) of the model was included.
CCSM 2.0May 2002All components have been upgraded. Target architectures were IBM SP, SGI Origin 2000, and Compaq/alpha. A multi-century control run was presented at the annual CCSM Workshop in June, 2002.
CCSM 1.4July 2000This version introduces further improvements to the code, build procedures, and run scripts. This code distribution will run on Cray machines and SGI Origin 2000 machines.
CCSM 1.2July 1998This version introduces a choice of two atm/lnd resolutions, T31 and T42, and two ocn/ice resolutions, 3x3 and 2x2 degree. Also, the atm and lnd models are now separate components. This code distribution runs on NCAR Cray machines.
CCSM 1.0June 1996This was the first public release of the CCSM software. This code and corresponding control runs were presented at the firest CSM Workshop in May 1996.