NCOM 1.4 Datasets

The topography, forcing, and restart datasets used by NCOM 1.4 are available from the NCAR mass-storage system (MSS) for those users who have NCAR access. The default NCOM job scripts access these files directly from the MSS.

However, for those users who do not have NCAR MSS access, these files are also available from this webpage. The files are bundled together based upon model resolution (102x74x25, eg) and mode of usage (stand-alone or coupled). All of the files available from this webpage are in ieee format; the forcing and topography files are in 32-bit ieee format, while the restart files are in 64-bit ieee format.

In order to use these files, the default NCOM job scripts (stand-alone or coupled) must be modified in the following ways:

Regrettably, under certain conditions the restart-file read statement in subroutine ord (in file odam.F) must be modified to read the 64-bit ieee files. This is only necessary if you are reading the ieee files on an SX4 or Cray. If so, follow these instructions.

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