Paleo User Resources


One of the goals of the Paleoclimate Working Group is to allow the community to address scientific questions about past climates in Earth history using the CESM model. To that end we include useful tools that are designed to modify the forcing and input files for paleoclimate applications.

Exploring Paleoclimate with CESM ... Before you begin

If you are considering a Paleoclimate project using the CESM model you may find it useful to answer the following questions.  We strongly recommend that you complete the exercises in the CESM tutorial, run a short pre-industrial simulation of the CESM model, and read a detailed discussion of the following questions before you start configuring your paleoclimate simulation. 

  • What scientific question do you plan to investigate with the CESM?

  • What time period do you want to simulate?

  • What configuration of CESM do you plan to use?

  • Do you have experience running or analyzing output from the CESM?

  • What computer will you use to run your simulations? Do you have allocated computer time and storage on the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputers?

User Resources:


We ask that you submit questions to the CESM Discussion Forum so that other users may contribute to or benefit from the discussion.