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CESM1 Paleo FAQs

About the tools

The paleoToolkit describes tools and procedures developed at NCAR for creating paleoclimate simulations using the NCAR CESM1 model.  These tools are developed on the computing resources at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and we strive to keep pace with the current version of the CESM1 model.   We provide limited user support for the current version of tools on NWSC computers.  Outside researchers may need to modify these procedures to accommodate earlier versions of the CESM1 model, or for the computer resources available on their home machines.   To gain more understanding about the CESM1 component models and input files, see the CESM1 documentation

Additional Resources

  • General CESM Discussion Forum (Search for Paleoclimate Modeling section)
  • Paleoclimate section of the CESM Discussion Forum
  • Download older versions of the paleoToolKit setup tools.  We provide no user support for old versions of the CCSM3 paleoToolKit.