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Disclaimer:  This document is designed to guide the reader through the process of downloading netCDF model output files from the Earth System Grid Gateway at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  User support is limited to the information found on this page.  Access pathways to model output is in no way limited to the suggestions outlined in this guide.

Step 1a:  login to the Earth System Grid

Note:  New users will need to create an account on the ESG before they will be able to download files.

Example ESG Account information:
URL:  http://pcmdi9.llnl.gov/esgf-web-fe/
ESG usernamejoe
ESG passwdmyESGpassword
OpenID identifierhttps://www.earthsystemgrid.org/myopenid/nanr

Click here for more ESG Information.

Email cmip5-helpdesk@stfc.ac.uk  for help with CMIP5 specific questions.

Step 1b:  Select your PEER node (left sidebar).


e.g., NASA-JPL:  http://esg-datanode.jpl.nasa.gov/esgf-web-fe/


Step 2: 

Step 2a:  e.g., CMIP5 Search (left sidebar):  LGM

You should now be on a page where you can drill down through the data to find the variables/models you are interested in.

Step 2b:  Drill down through data (left sidebar):  e.g.,  time frequency: mon; realm: atmos; variable: pr

Click here to download a pdf file that explains the CMIP5 file naming conventions.

Step 2c: Add files to your cart.

You should now be on a page with two tabs:  'Results' and 'Data Cart'

Add files to your cart.

Step 3: Click "Data Cart" tab

This brings you to the page where you generate the WGET script.  Click "WGET" and a wget-DATE.sh script will download automatically through your browser. Wget Script Download - Requires your MyProxyLogon installation and password!

Step 4: DOWNLOAD using Wget

Copy the wget-DATE.sh script from Downloads to your local directory (e.g., /project/cmip5/ETH/cmip5/lgm/stageFiles) and excute on the command line.

% ./wget-DATE.sh

NOTE:  Be prepared to provide your MyProxyLogon installation and password the first time you run the wget script.