ocean namelist


!-- Overflow regions are hardcoded in the ocean model to present day bathymetry and must be turned off for deep time geographies.

overflows_on = .false.
overflows_interactive = .false.

!--To initialize from an ocean depth/salinity profile:  init_ts_option = 'mean'

init_ts_file = '/glade/p/cesm/palwg/paleo_setup/ocn/ic/ts_init_b20.681_1100-01_s_35.60level.dat'
init_ts_option = 'mean'

!-- lhoriz_varying_bckgrnd, ldiag_velocity, overflows and tidal mixing all are geographically dependent and so present-day setups are not appropriate if the paleogeography has changed considerably. 

lhoriz_varying_bckgrnd = .false.
ldiag_velocity = .false.
ltidal_mixing = .false.

!--The new background vertical velocity parameters were determined by Gokhan and Christine to increase Kappa-v in the deeper ocean in absence of tidal mixing. The tidal mixing normally would do this.

bckgrnd_vdc1 = 0.524
bckgrnd_vdc2 = 0.313