2012 CVCWG Workshop Presentations

Average and optimal decadal predictability
Grant Branstator, NCAR-CGD

Climate drift in the CCSM4 decadal prediction experiments
Haiyan Teng, NCAR-CGD

ENSO and PDO teleconnections and western U.S. extreme precipitation events in CESM1
Michael DeFlorio

Multi-scale climate processes and rainfall variability over the Maritime Continent
Jian-Hua Qian

Projected changes in the atmospheric hydrological cycle
Jeff Kiehl

Assessing the influences of the Indian Ocean SST variability onto Australian rainfall
Andrea Taschetto

Change in hydroclimate in SW United States in CMIP5 models
Mingfang Ting

Analysis of tropical cyclone precipitation using an object-based algorithm
Grego Skok

Present-day and projected permafrost conditions in CCSM4 and potential feedbacks on global climate
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Sea level rise impacts on storm surges along U.S. coasts
Claudia Tebaldi, NCAR-CGD

Quantifying contributions to global warming pattern in NCAR CCSM4 climate model
Ming Cai

Future shifts in the Southern Hemisphere extratropical circulation
Julie Arblaster

Shifts in climatic regions
Irina Mahlstein

On the origin of tropical Atlantic biases in coupled models
R. Saravanan

Tropical Indo-Pacific warming patterns and the slowdown of the Walker circulation
Hiroki Tokinaga

A handful of futures: A new framework for multi-model analysis
Ben Sanderson, NCAR-CGD

Bering Strait, AMOC hysteresis, and abrupt climate change
Aixue Hu, NCAR-CGD

Using observational simulations to distinguish low-cloud feedbacks in CCSM3 and CESM
Daniel Feldman

Understanding decadal timescale externally forced versus internally generated climate variability
Gerald Meehl, NCAR-CGD

Future plans of the CVCWG
Warren Washington, NCAR-CGD