2014 CVCWG Workshop Presentations

The sensitivity of the jet stream to the horizontal resolution of the AGCM
Jian Lu, PNNL

Wind increase over cooling Southern Ocean driven by tropical warming and polar ozone hole
David Schneider, NCAR

Ocean heat uptake in CMIP5: From the upper ocean to the abyss
Peter Gleckler, PCMDI / LLNL

Energy balance in a warm world without the ocean conveyor belt and sea ice
Aixue Hu, NCAR

Decadal-multidecadal variability of Indo-Pacific Walker Cell in observations and CAM4
Weiqing Han, University of Colorado, Boulder

Pacific decadal variability in the CCSM3: The role of ocean modes
Wilbert Weijer, LANL

Are future hydrological cycle changes all midlatitude shifts?
Yutian Wu, Purdue University

California drought: A link to manmade greenhouse gases and its future
Jin-Ho Yoon, PNNL

The CESM perturbed land atmosphere experiment
Ben Sanderson, NCAR

Coupling CAM4 with an aqua-planet slab ocean and the associated climate variability
Honghai Zhang, RSMAS, University of Miami

Atmospheric circulation response to projected Arctic sea ice loss
Lantao Sun, NCAR

Evaluating the spread in cloud feedbacks in CMIP5
Alexandra Jonko, NCAR

Tropical tropospheric waves over Kalahari transect of Africa and possible impacts on climate change
Akintayo Adedoyin, University of Botswana

The influence of wild fire effects on global climate with CESM MAM4
Yiquan Jiang, University of Wyoming

Large-scale patterns of climate response to aerosol and greenhouse gas forcings
Shang-Ping Xie, University of California, San Diego

Future tropical cyclone projections in CAM5
Michael Wehner, LBNL

Natural and forced North Atlantic hurricane potential intensity changes in CMIP5 models
Mingfang Ting, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

The Climate Variability Diagnostics Package
Adam Phillips, NCAR

CVCWG plans
Susan Bates, NCAR