2015 Cross WG Workshop Presentations

Climate and Human Systems Project Cross Working Group Session

Introduction to the Climate and Human Systems Project and outline of the BRACE study
Brian O'Neill, NCAR-CGD

CESM Ice Sheet Surface Biases Cross Working Group Session

Atmosphere Development Overview
CESM Tutorial: CESM 1.2.x and CESM 1.1.x
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD, Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD, Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD

Land Ice Development Overview
J. Lenaerts, B. Lipscomb

Identifying CESM cloud and surface biases at Summit, Greenland
N. Miller

Atmospheric explorations of biases and tools to look at them
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD

Impact of CAM cloud microphysics on ice sheet SMB
J. Lenaerts

CESM Coupled Land-Biogeochemistry-Chemistry: Status and Gaps Cross Working Group Session

Coupled Land-Biogeochemistry-Chemistry: Status and Gaps
Louisa Emmons

Updates to the CLM fire module for coupling mode
Maria Val Martin

CESM Large Ensemble Cross Working Group Session

Overview of the CESM Large Ensemble project
Jen Kay

Does external forcing interfere with the AMOC’s influence on North Atlantic sea surface temperature and Arctic climate?
Paul Kushner

CESM Large Ensemble with different ocean initial state
Who Kim

Future heat waves in the US Great Plains in the CESM1 large ensemble experiment
Haiyan Teng, NCAR-CGD

Are anthropogenic changes in the tropical ocean carbon cycle masked by Pacific decadal variability?
Pedro DiNezio

ENSO and volcanic contributions to global mean sea level variability estimated rom the CESM Large Ensemble and Last Millennium Ensembles
John Fasullo, NCAR-CGD

CESM Southern Ocean Cross Working Group Session

The Southern Ocean and the global carbon cycle
Matthew Long, NCAR-CGD

Global climate impacts of “fixing” the Southern Ocean shortwave radiation bias in CESM
Jen Kay

Tropical influences on Southern Ocean variability
Clara Deser, NCAR-CGD

Our climate without Antarctica
Cecilia Bitz