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CCSM Research Tools: CCSM2.0.1 updates relative to CCSM2.0


Grids and Model Resolutions

New Coarse-Resolution "Paleo" Resolution Supported in CCSM2.0.1

The CCSM2.0 release officially supported only one resolution, referred to as "T42_gx1v3," which was used in the CCSM2.0 Control Run. The CCSM2.0.1 release supports a second, coarser resolution, "T31_gx3v4," which has been validated in a paleo control run. A sample setup for the paleo run can be found in the CCSM2.0.1 release, in the scripts/test.a2 directory. [Return to Contents]

Obsolete Grid Eliminated from CCSM2.0.1

All references to the older, unsupported coarse resolution, T31_gx3, which was never scientifically validated, have been eliminated from CCSM2.0.1

Description of Supported Grid Resolutions

Please refer to the CCSM2.0.1 FAQ page for a discussion on the specifics of the various model grids and resolutions.

Data Models

Data-Model Input Datasets Updated

The input datasets for the data models were, in many cases, either outdated, incomplete, or both. The following datasets have been updated in the CCSM2.0.1 data models:

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Bug Fixes

Model Bugs Detected and Corrected

Active Atmosphere Model (CAM)

Active Ocean Model (POP)

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Correction in Reading Restart Files

The CCSM2.0 version will not read b20.007 control run restart files. This has been fixed in CCSM2.0.1.

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