CESM Releases


You should use the most recent version of the model that is available unless you are trying to replicate previous results or create a branch run from a previous experiment.

Supported CESM versions

The supported CESM development release is: CESM2.2.0

The supported CESM production release is: CESM2.1.3

For the complete policy relating to support of CESM, view the CESM Support Policy as not all past versions are currently supported.

* CESM1.2 and iCESM1.2 for deep time paleoclimate and water isotope applications, respectively, are also supported subject to availability of resources

CESM Model Version Naming Conventions

CESM X.Y.Z - CESM model release versions include three numbers separated by a dot (.) where:

  • X - corresponds to the major release number indicating significant science changes.
  • Y - corresponds to the addition of new infrastructure and new science capabilities for targeted components.
  • Z - corresponds to release bug fixes and machine updates.

Each release includes the complete collection of component model source code, documentation, and input data. For model output data, see the Experiments and Output Data section of this website.

Users should read the CESM Data Management & Distribution Plan which documents the procedures for the storage and distribution of data associated with the CESM project.

Scientifically Validated Configurations

Scientific validation of the CESM consists of a multi-decadal model run of the given component set at the target resolution, followed by scientific review of the model output diagnostics. All scientifically supported component sets are also accompanied by diagnostic and model output data.

CESM 2.0 is in the process of adding scientically validated configurations and these will be posted on the web site as they become available.

The DiscussCESM Forums bulletin board can also provide specific recommendations from the CESM community regarding which release of the model to use for your specific requirements.