CESM Models

CCSM Research Tools: CCSM2.0.1 shr_const_mod.F90

CCSM2.0.1 Shared Constants Module

The following constants are made available in the source code file shr_const_mod.F90. It is assumed that all CCSM2.0.1 components will make use of this Fortran module to coordinate the values of these constant among all components.

Variable Name Value Explanation Units
PI 3.14159265358979323846 pi
CDAY 86400.0 sec in calendar day sec
SDAY 86164.0 sec in siderial day sec
OMEGA 2.0*PI/SDAY earth rot rad/sec
REARTH 6.37122e6 radius of earth m
G 9.80616 acceleration of gravity m/s^2
PSTD 101325.0 standard pressure pascals
STEBOL 5.67e-8 Stefan-Boltzmann constant W/m^2/K^4
BOLTZ 1.38065e-23 Boltzmann's constant J/K/molecule
AVOGAD 6.02214e26 Avogadro's number molecules/kmole
RGAS AVOGAD*BOLTZ Universal gas constant J/K/kmole
MWDAIR 28.966 molecular weight dry air kg/kmole
MWWV 18.016 molecular weight water vapor
RDAIR RGAS/MWDAIR Dry air gas constant J/K/kg
RWV RGAS/MWWV Water vapor gas constant J/K/kg
KARMAN 0.4 Von Karman constant
TKFRZ 273.16 freezing T of fresh water, intentionally equal to TKTRIP K
TKTRIP 273.16 triple point of fresh water K
RHODAIR PSTD/(RDAIR*TKFRZ) density of dry air at STP kg/m^3
RHOFW 1.000e3 density of fresh water kg/m^3
RHOSW 1.026e3 density of sea water kg/m^3
RHOICE 0.917e3 density of ice kg/m^3
CPDAIR 1.00464e3 specific heat of dry air J/kg/K
CPFW 4.188e3 specific heat of fresh h2o J/kg/K
CPSW 3.996e3 specific heat of sea h2o J/kg/K
CPWV 1.810e3 specific heat of water vap J/kg/K
CPICE 2.11727e3 specific heat of fresh ice J/kg/K
LATICE 3.337e5 latent heat of fusion J/kg
LATVAP 2.501e6 latent heat of evaporation J/kg
LATSUB LATICE + LATVAP latent heat of sublimation J/kg
OCN_REF_SAL 34.7 ocn ref salinity psu
ICE_REF_SAL 0.0 ice ref salinity psu