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3 Making Code Modifications

The source code for CSIM is located in ccsm3/models/ice/csim4/src/source.

The source code in this directory, and any code that has been checked out of the CVS repository should be treated as frozen code. It is recommended that the permissions on these files be changed to read only. To modify a module in CSIM, whether running coupled or uncoupled, first copy that module to a separate directory. If running CSIM coupled, this directory is near the top of the CCSM directory tree and is called ccsm3/scripts/$YOUR_CASE/SourceMods/src.csim. If running CSIM uncoupled, make a directory under the active ice component called
models/ice/csim4/src/ Make the modifications to the copied file. The scripts are set up so that these directories are the last in the filepath, so the modified files are the last copied to the executable directory. This is a highly recommended programming practice, keeping your modifications separate from the original code.