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1.1 CCSM Directory Structure

CSIM5 is located under the CCSM models and ice subdirectories. The directory structure of CSIM5 within CCSM is shown below. The root directory name of CSIM remains as csim4 due to the difficulty of changing it in the source code repository.

                                ccsm3         (main directory) 
                 models-----------+------------ scripts
                    |                              |
                    |                              |
      bld--------csm_share-------ice           (build scripts for
       |            |             |             coupled model)
   (Makefile  (share code         |               
    macros)    subdirectory)      | 
                                csim4         (active ice component)
                      docs -------+------- src 
                       |                    | 
                     (CSIM                  |
                  documentation)            |
       bld ------------ input_templates ----+---- source ------ build scripts
       |                    |                       |           for uncoupled
  (Makefile macros     (resolution-dependent    (F90 source     ice model
   for uncoupled         input files)              code) 
    ice model)

Only the branches referenced in this document appear in the Figure. There are separate directories for the build scripts and the Macros.* files for the coupled model and the uncoupled ice model. The Macros.* files contain machine dependent information for building the model. The coupled model uses the Macros.* files in ccsm3/models/bld, and the uncoupled ice model uses those in ccsm3/models/ice/csim4/src/bld. To make modifications to the coupled model setup, modify the scripts in ccsm3/scripts. The setup scripts for the uncoupled model are located in ccsm3/models/ice/csim4/src. The files located under the main ice model directory /csim4/src are described in the next section.