CESM Models

CCSM3.0 POP Documentation



The CCSM version of the Parallel Ocean Program was released in June 2004 as part of the CCSM3.0 release.


What is CCSM POP?

The CCSM3.0 POP is based upon POP Version 1.4.3, which was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Over the course of CCSM3 POP model development, there have been many small changes to the original POP 1.4.3 code in order to allow the code to conform to CCSM requirements. Also, some corrections have been applied, diagnostics have been added, and more substantial modifications have been made to the code to improve the model physics. Wherever possible, a deliberate effort has been made to alter the base POP 1.4.3 code as little as possible, mainly by adding new modules instead of integrating the additions into the original POP code. However, many of the CCSM-related requirements resulted in modifications to numerous existing POP modules.