CESM Models

CCSM4.0 The Complete Coupled System


Component Post Processing Utilities

Each component maintains its own post-processing utility suite that can be accessed from the release code repository . Component post-processing utilities are currently provided only as a service to the community. Informal community support is provided via the CCSM bulletin board. General questions should be submitted to this bulletin board; however, any bugs found in the packages should be reported to the appropriate working group liaison.

Once approval is granted for access to the release repository, users may freely download the diagnostic packages. Users are urged to 'export' the packages from the repository rather than checking them out. For example:

> svn export https://svn-ccsm-release.cgd.ucar.edu/model_diagnostics/atm/cam/amwg_diag4.0/

will result in the user obtaining the post processing utilities "amwg_diag4.0". For more details on utilizing the release repository, please see the section on Downloading CCSM in the User's Guide





Other Post-Processing Utilities

  • NCL (NCAR Command Language)
  • NCO (NetCDF Operators)


Model Source Code

Copyright and Terms of Use

All CCSM source code is subject to the following Copyright Notice and Disclaimer.

Acquiring the Code

CCSM source code is distributed through a public Subversion code repository. This code can be checked out using Subversion client software, such as the command tool svn, or simply viewed with a web browser.

A short registration is required to access the repository. After registering, you will receive an email containing a user name and password that is necessary to gain access to the repository.

Acquistion of the code is more fully described in the CCSM4.0 User's Guide.

Version Summaries and Known Problems

The following table lists the available versions of code along with their test record and any known problems in the code.

Reporting a Problem

If you have any problems, please first read the User's Guide including the sections on FAQs and Use Cases. Please also refer to the CCSM Bulletin Board, which is in place to facilitate communication within the CCSM community. Finally, please also refer to the Known Problems entries that are provided with every release and release update. If questions or problems still exist, then please send an email to help@cgd.ucar.edu. Support questions will be answered as resources are available.