Appendix D. env_case.xml variables

The following table lists all the environment variables set in the env_case.xml file. These variables cannot be modified.

Table D-1. env_case.xml variables

NameTypeDefaultDescription [Valid Values]
ATM_GRIDcharUNSETatmosphere grid
ATM_NXinteger0number of atmosphere cells in i direction
ATM_NYinteger0Number of atmosphere cells in j direction
BLDROOTchar$CCSMROOT/scripts/ccsm_utils/BuildCCSM source scripts build directory location
CASEcharUNSETcase name
CASEBUILDchar$CASEROOT/BuildconfBuildconf directory location
CASEROOTcharUNSETfull path of case
CASETOOLSchar$CASEROOT/ToolsCase Tools directory location
CCSMROOTcharUNSETccsm source root directory
CCSMUSERcharUNSETcase user name
CCSM_CCOSTinteger02**n relative cost of compset B is 1 (DO NOT EDIT)
CCSM_GCOSTinteger02**n relative cost of grid f19_g15 is 1 (DO NOT EDIT)
CCSM_LCOMPSETcharUNSETCCSM component set, longname
CCSM_MCOSTinteger02**n relative cost of machine (DO NOT EDIT)
CCSM_SCOMPSETcharUNSETCCSM component set, shortname
CODEROOTchar$CCSMROOT/modelsCCSM source models directory location
COMP_ATMcharcamName of atmospheric component [cam,datm,xatm,satm]
COMP_CPLcharcplName of coupling component [cpl]
COMP_GLCcharsglcName of land ice component [xglc,sglc,cism]
COMP_ICEcharciceName of sea ice component [cice,dice,xice,sice]
COMP_LNDcharclmName of land component [clm,dlnd,xlnd,slnd]
COMP_OCNcharpop2Name of ocean component [pop2,docn,xocn,socn,camdom]
GLC_NXinteger0number of glc cells in i direction
GLC_NYinteger0number of glc cells in j direction
ICE_GRIDcharUNSETice grid (must equal ocn grid)
ICE_NXinteger0number of ice cells in i direction
ICE_NYinteger0number of ice cells in j direction
LND_GRIDcharUNSETland grid
LND_NXinteger0Number of land cells in i direction
LND_NYinteger0number of land cells in j direction
MACHcharUNSETcurrent machine name
OCN_GRIDcharUNSETocn grid
OCN_NXinteger0number of ocn cells in i direction
OCN_NYinteger0number of ocn cells in j direction
OScharUNSEToperating system
PTS_MODElogicalFALSEPoints mode logical for single point [TRUE,FALSE]
SCRIPTSROOTchar$CCSMROOT/scriptsCCSM source scripts directory location
SHAREROOTchar$CCSMROOT/models/csm_shareCCSM source models share code location
UTILROOTchar$CCSMROOT/scripts/ccsm_utilsCCSM source scripts utils directory location
XMLMODEcharnormalxml format option, expert removes extra comments from env xml files [normal,expert]