map_atmocn_mct Module Reference


subroutine map_atm2ocn_init_mct (cdata_a, cdata_o)
subroutine map_ocn2atm_init_mct (cdata_o, cdata_a)
subroutine map_atm2ocn_mct (cdata_a, av_a, cdata_o, av_o, fluxlist, statelist)
subroutine map_ocn2atm_mct (cdata_o, av_o, cdata_a, av_a, fractions_o, fractions_a, fluxlist, statelist)
subroutine map_npFixNew4R (buni, buno, fld1, fld2, gsmapi, domi, domo, ni_i, nj_i, mpicom)


type(mct_rearr) Re_ocn2atm
type(mct_rearr) Re_atm2ocn
type(mct_sMatp) sMatp_Fa2o
type(mct_sMatp) sMatp_Sa2o
type(mct_sMatp) sMatp_Fo2a
type(mct_sMatp) sMatp_So2a
logical usevector = .false.
logical usealltoall = .false.
logical samegrid_mapa2o
integer ni_a
integer nj_a
integer ni_o
integer nj_o

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine map_atmocn_mct::map_atm2ocn_init_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_a,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_o 

Definition at line 75 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

subroutine map_atmocn_mct::map_atm2ocn_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_a,
type(mct_aVect),intent(in)  av_a,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_o,
type(mct_aVect),intent(out)  av_o,
character(len=*),intent(in),optional  fluxlist,
character(len=*),intent(in),optional  statelist 

Definition at line 220 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

subroutine map_atmocn_mct::map_npFixNew4R ( type(mct_Avect),intent(in)  buni,
type(mct_Avect),intent(out)  buno,
character(*),intent(in)  fld1,
character(*),intent(in)  fld2,
type(mct_gsMap),pointer  gsmapi,
type(mct_gGrid),pointer  domi,
type(mct_gGrid),pointer  domo,
integer,intent(in)  ni_i,
integer,intent(in)  nj_i,
integer,intent(in)  mpicom 
) [private]

Definition at line 449 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

subroutine map_atmocn_mct::map_ocn2atm_init_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_o,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_a 

Definition at line 150 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

subroutine map_atmocn_mct::map_ocn2atm_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_o,
type(mct_aVect),intent(in)  av_o,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_a,
type(mct_aVect),intent(out)  av_a,
type(mct_aVect),intent(in),optional  fractions_o,
type(mct_aVect),intent(in),optional  fractions_a,
character(len=*),intent(in),optional  fluxlist,
character(len=*),intent(in),optional  statelist 

Definition at line 310 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 66 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

Definition at line 68 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

Definition at line 67 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

Definition at line 69 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_rearr) map_atmocn_mct::Re_atm2ocn

Definition at line 47 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_rearr) map_atmocn_mct::Re_ocn2atm

Definition at line 46 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

Definition at line 64 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_sMatp) map_atmocn_mct::sMatp_Fa2o

Definition at line 48 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_sMatp) map_atmocn_mct::sMatp_Fo2a

Definition at line 50 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_sMatp) map_atmocn_mct::sMatp_Sa2o

Definition at line 49 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

type(mct_sMatp) map_atmocn_mct::sMatp_So2a

Definition at line 51 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

logical map_atmocn_mct::usealltoall = .false.

Definition at line 62 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

logical map_atmocn_mct::usevector = .false.

Definition at line 56 of file map_atmocn_mct.F90.

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