seq_domain_mct Module Reference


subroutine seq_domain_check_mct (cdata_a, cdata_i, cdata_l, cdata_o, cdata_r, cdata_g, cdata_s)
subroutine seq_domain_check_grid_mct (dom1, dom2, attr, eps, mpicom, mask)
subroutine domain_areafactinit_mct (cdata, mdl2drv, drv2mdl, comment)


real(R8), parameter eps_tiny = 1.0e-16_R8
real(R8), parameter eps_big = 1.0e+02_R8
real(R8), parameter eps_frac_samegrid = 1.0e-14_R8
logical usevector = .false.
logical usealltoall = .false.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine seq_domain_mct::domain_areafactinit_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(inout)  cdata,
real(R8),dimension(:),pointer  mdl2drv,
real(R8),dimension(:),pointer  drv2mdl,
character(len=*),intent(in),optional  comment 

Definition at line 613 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

subroutine seq_domain_mct::seq_domain_check_grid_mct ( type(mct_aVect),intent(in)  dom1,
type(mct_aVect),intent(in)  dom2,
character(len=*),intent(in)  attr,
real(R8),intent(in)  eps,
integer(IN),intent(in)  mpicom,
real(R8),dimension(:),intent(in),optional  mask 
) [private]

Definition at line 492 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

subroutine seq_domain_mct::seq_domain_check_mct ( type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_a,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_i,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_l,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_o,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_r,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_g,
type(seq_cdata),intent(in)  cdata_s 

Definition at line 64 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

Variable Documentation

real(R8),parameter seq_domain_mct::eps_big = 1.0e+02_R8

Definition at line 35 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

real(R8),parameter seq_domain_mct::eps_frac_samegrid = 1.0e-14_R8

Definition at line 36 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

real(R8),parameter seq_domain_mct::eps_tiny = 1.0e-16_R8

Definition at line 34 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

logical seq_domain_mct::usealltoall = .false.

Definition at line 51 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

logical seq_domain_mct::usevector = .false.

Definition at line 45 of file seq_domain_mct.F90.

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