shr_orb_mod Module Reference


real(SHR_KIND_R8) shr_orb_cosz (jday, lat, lon, declin)
subroutine shr_orb_params (iyear_AD, eccen, obliq, mvelp, obliqr, lambm0, mvelpp, log_print)
subroutine shr_orb_decl (calday, eccen, mvelpp, lambm0, obliqr, delta, eccf)
subroutine shr_orb_print (iyear_AD, eccen, obliq, mvelp)


real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_UNDEF_REAL = 1.e36_SHR_KIND_R8
integer(SHR_KIND_IN), parameter SHR_ORB_UNDEF_INT = 2000000000
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter pi = SHR_CONST_PI
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_ECCEN_MIN = 0.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_ECCEN_MAX = 0.1_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_OBLIQ_MIN = -90.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_OBLIQ_MAX = +90.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_MVELP_MIN = 0.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter SHR_ORB_MVELP_MAX = 360.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Function/Subroutine Documentation

real(SHR_KIND_R8) shr_orb_mod::shr_orb_cosz ( real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  jday,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  lat,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  lon,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  declin 

Definition at line 44 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

subroutine shr_orb_mod::shr_orb_decl ( real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  calday,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  eccen,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  mvelpp,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  lambm0,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  obliqr,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(out)  delta,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(out)  eccf 

Definition at line 520 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

subroutine shr_orb_mod::shr_orb_params ( integer(SHR_KIND_IN),intent(in)  iyear_AD,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(inout)  eccen,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(inout)  obliq,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(inout)  mvelp,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(out)  obliqr,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(out)  lambm0,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(out)  mvelpp,
logical,intent(in)  log_print 

Definition at line 73 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

subroutine shr_orb_mod::shr_orb_print ( integer(SHR_KIND_IN),intent(in)  iyear_AD,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  eccen,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  obliq,
real (SHR_KIND_R8),intent(in)  mvelp 

Definition at line 602 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

Variable Documentation

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::pi = SHR_CONST_PI

Definition at line 32 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_ECCEN_MAX = 0.1_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 34 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_ECCEN_MIN = 0.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 33 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_MVELP_MAX = 360.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 38 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_MVELP_MIN = 0.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 37 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_OBLIQ_MAX = +90.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 36 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_OBLIQ_MIN = -90.0_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 35 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

integer(SHR_KIND_IN),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_UNDEF_INT = 2000000000

Definition at line 25 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

real (SHR_KIND_R8),parameter shr_orb_mod::SHR_ORB_UNDEF_REAL = 1.e36_SHR_KIND_R8

Definition at line 24 of file shr_orb_mod.F90.

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