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clm_drv (Source File: clm_driver.F90)


 subroutine clm_drv(doalb, nextsw_cday, declinp1, declin, rstwr, nlend, rdate)

First phase of the clm driver calling the clm physics. An outline of the calling tree is given in the description of this module.


   implicit none
   logical,         intent(in) :: doalb       ! true if time for surface albedo calc
   real(r8),        intent(in) :: nextsw_cday ! calendar day for nstep+1
   real(r8),        intent(in) :: declinp1    ! declination angle for next time step
   real(r8),        intent(in) :: declin      ! declination angle for current time step
   logical,         intent(in) :: rstwr       ! true => write restart file this step
   logical,         intent(in) :: nlend       ! true => end of run on this step
   character(len=*),intent(in) :: rdate       ! restart file time stamp for name
   2002.10.01  Mariana Vertenstein latest update to new data structures
   11/26/03, Peter Thornton: Added new call for SurfaceRadiationSunShade when
    cpp directive SUNSHA is set, for sunlit/shaded canopy radiation.
   4/25/05, Peter Thornton: Made the sun/shade routine the default, no longer
    need to have SUNSHA defined.  
   Oct/05 & Jul/07 Sam Levis: Starting dates of CNDV and crop model work
   2/29/08, Dave Lawrence: Revised snow cover fraction according to Niu and Yang, 2007
   3/6/09, Peter Thornton: Added declin as new argument, for daylength control on Vcmax
   2008.11.12  B. Kauffman: morph routine casa() in casa_ecosytemDyn(), so casa
      is more similar to CN & DGVM

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15