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Fortran: Module Interface clm_mct_mod - provides a standard API naming convention for MCT code (Source File: clm_mct_mod.F90)

This module should be used instead of accessing mct modules directly. This module:

This module also includes some MCT-only functions to augment the MCT library.


       2001-Aug-14 - B. Kauffman - first prototype
       2006-Apr-13 - M. Vertenstein - modified for sequential mode
 module clm_mct_mod
    use shr_sys_mod          ! share system routines
    use shr_mpi_mod          ! mpi layer
    use shr_const_mod        ! constants
    use shr_kind_mod         ,only: R8 => SHR_KIND_R8
    use shr_kind_mod         ,only: IN => SHR_KIND_IN
    use shr_kind_mod         ,only: CL => SHR_KIND_CL
    use clm_varctl           ,only: iulog
    use m_MCTWorld           ,only: mct_world_init         => init
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect              => AttrVect
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_init         => init
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_clean        => clean
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_zero         => zero
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_lsize        => lsize
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_indexIA      => indexIA
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_indexRA      => indexRA
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_getIList     => getIList
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_getRList     => getRList
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_expIListToChar => exportIListToChar
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_expRListToChar => exportRListToChar
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_nIAttr       => nIAttr
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_nRAttr       => nRAttr
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_copy         => Copy
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_exportRattr  => exportRattr
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_importRattr  => importRattr
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_exportIattr  => exportIattr
    use m_AttrVect           ,only: mct_aVect_importIattr  => importIattr
    use m_AttrVectComms      ,only: mct_aVect_scatter      => scatter
    use m_AttrVectComms      ,only: mct_aVect_gather       => gather 
    use m_AttrVectComms      ,only: mct_aVect_bcast        => bcast  
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid              => GeneralGrid
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_init         => init
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_clean        => clean
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_lsize        => lsize
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_ggrid_indexIA      => indexIA
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_indexRA      => indexRA
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_exportRattr  => exportRattr	
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_importRattr  => importRattr	
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_exportIattr  => exportIattr	
    use m_GeneralGrid        ,only: mct_gGrid_importIattr  => importIattr	
    use m_GeneralGridComms   ,only: mct_gGrid_scatter      => scatter
    use m_GeneralGridComms   ,only: mct_gGrid_gather       => gather 
    use m_GeneralGridComms   ,only: mct_gGrid_bcast        => bcast  
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap              => GlobalSegMap
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_init         => init
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_clean        => clean
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_lsize        => lsize
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_gsize        => gsize
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_ngseg        => ngseg
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_nlseg        => nlseg
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_OP           => OrderedPoints
    use m_GlobalSegMap       ,only: mct_gsMap_pelocs       => pelocs
    use m_Rearranger         ,only: mct_rearr              => Rearranger
    use m_Rearranger         ,only: mct_rearr_init         => init
    use m_Rearranger         ,only: mct_rearr_clean        => clean
    use m_Rearranger         ,only: mct_rearr_rearrange    => rearrange
    use m_SparseMatrixToMaps ,only: mct_sMat_2XgsMap       => SparseMatrixToXGlobalSegMap
    use m_SparseMatrixToMaps ,only: mct_sMat_2YgsMap       => SparseMatrixToYGlobalSegMap
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat               => SparseMatrix
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_Init          => init
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_Vecinit       => vecinit
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_Clean         => clean
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_indexIA       => indexIA
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_indexRA       => indexRA
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_lsize         => lsize
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_nrows         => nRows
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_ncols         => nCols
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_SortPermute   => SortPermute
    use m_SparseMatrix       ,only: mct_sMat_GNumEl        => GlobalNumElements
    use m_SparseMatrixComms  ,only: mct_sMat_ScatterByRow  => ScatterByRow
    use m_SparseMatrixComms  ,only: mct_sMat_ScatterByCol  => ScatterByColumn
    use m_SparseMatrixPlus   ,only: mct_sMatP              => SparseMatrixPlus
    use m_SparseMatrixPlus   ,only: mct_sMatP_init         => init
    use m_SparseMatrixPlus   ,only: mct_sMatP_Vecinit      => vecinit
    use m_MatAttrVectMul     ,only: mct_sMat_avMult        => sMatAvMult
    use m_GlobalToLocal      ,only: mct_sMat_g2lMat        => GlobalToLocalMatrix
    use m_List               ,only: mct_list               => list     
    use m_List               ,only: mct_list_init          => init
    use m_List               ,only: mct_list_get           => get 
    use m_List               ,only: mct_list_nitem         => nitem 
    use m_List               ,only: mct_list_clean         => clean
    use m_string             ,only: mct_string             => string 
    use m_string             ,only: mct_string_clean       => clean
    use m_string             ,only: mct_string_toChar      => toChar 
    use m_die                ,only: mct_perr_die           => mp_perr_die
    use m_MergeSorts         ,only: mct_indexset           => IndexSet
    use m_MergeSorts         ,only: mct_indexsort          => IndexSort
    implicit none


Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15