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mct_aVect_info - print out aVect info for debugging

Print out information about the input MCT AttributeVector aVect to stdout. flag sets the level of information:

  1. print out names of attributes in aVect.
  2. also print out local max and min of data in aVect.
  3. also print out global max and min of data in aVect.
  4. Same as 3 but include name of this routine.
If flag is 3 or higher, then optional argument comm must be provided. If optional argument fld is present, only information for that field will be printed. If optional argument istr is present, it will be output before any of the information.


       2003 Jul 01 - B. Kauffman, T. Craig - first version
 subroutine mct_aVect_info(flag,aVect,comm,pe,fld,istr)
    integer(IN)    ,intent(in)           :: flag  ! info level flag
    type(mct_aVect),intent(in)           :: aVect ! Attribute vector
    integer(IN)    ,intent(in),optional  :: comm  ! MPI communicator
    integer(IN)    ,intent(in),optional  :: pe    ! processor number
    character(*)   ,intent(in),optional  :: fld   ! fld
    character(*)   ,intent(in),optional  :: istr  ! string for print

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15