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   subroutine DustEmission (lbp, ubp, lbc,ubc,lbl,ubl,num_nolakep, filter_nolakep)

Dust mobilization. This code simulates dust mobilization due to wind from the surface into the lowest atmospheric layer On output flx_mss_vrt_dst(ndst) is the surface dust emission (kg/m**2/s) [ + = to atm] Source: C. Zender's dust model

!USES use clm_atmlnd , only : clm_a2l use shr_const_mod, only : SHR_CONST_RHOFW


     implicit none
     integer, intent(in) :: lbp, ubp,lbc,ubc,ubl,lbl                    ! pft bounds
     integer, intent(in) :: num_nolakep                 ! number of column non-lake points in pft filter
     integer, intent(in) :: filter_nolakep(num_nolakep) ! pft filter for non-lake points
   local pointers to implicit in arguments
     integer , pointer :: pcolumn(:)         ! pft's column index
     integer , pointer :: plandunit(:)       ! pft's landunit index
     integer , pointer :: pgridcell(:)       ! pft's gridcell index
     integer , pointer :: ityplun(:)         ! landunit type
     real(r8), pointer :: tlai(:)            ! one-sided leaf area index, no burying by snow
     real(r8), pointer :: tsai(:)            ! one-sided stem area index, no burying by snow
     real(r8), pointer :: frac_sno(:)        ! fraction of ground covered by snow (0 to 1)
     real(r8), pointer :: gwc_thr(:)         ! threshold gravimetric soil moisture based on clay content
     real(r8), pointer :: forc_rho(:)        ! density (kg/m**3)
     real(r8), pointer :: fv(:)              ! friction velocity (m/s) (for dust model)
     real(r8), pointer :: u10(:)             ! 10-m wind (m/s) (created for dust model)
     real(r8), pointer :: mbl_bsn_fct(:)     ! basin factor
     real(r8), pointer :: mss_frc_cly_vld(:) ! [frc] Mass fraction clay limited to 0.20
     real(r8), pointer :: h2osoi_vol(:,:)    ! volumetric soil water (0<=h2osoi_vol<=watsat)
     real(r8), pointer :: h2osoi_liq(:,:)    ! liquid soil water (kg/m2)
     real(r8), pointer :: h2osoi_ice(:,:)    ! frozen soil water (kg/m2)
     real(r8), pointer :: watsat(:,:)        ! saturated volumetric soil water
   local pointers to implicit out arguments
     real(r8), pointer :: flx_mss_vrt_dst(:,:)   ! surface dust emission (kg/m**2/s) 
     real(r8), pointer :: flx_mss_vrt_dst_tot(:) ! total dust flux into atmosphere 
   Created by Sam Levis
   Migrated to new data structures by Peter Thornton and Mariana Vertenstein
   !Created by Peter Thornton and Mariana Vertenstein

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15