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Fortran: Module Interface DUSTMod (Source File: DUSTMod.F90)

Routines in this module calculate Dust mobilization and dry deposition for dust. Simulates dust mobilization due to wind from the surface into the lowest atmospheric layer. On output flx_mss_vrt_dst(ndst) is the surface dust emission (kg/m**2/s) [ + = to atm]. Calculates the turbulent component of dust dry deposition, (the turbulent deposition velocity through the lowest atmospheric layer). CAM will calculate the settling velocity through the whole atmospheric column. The two calculations will determine the dust dry deposition flux to the surface.


   use shr_kind_mod, only: r8 => shr_kind_r8 
   use clmtype
   use clm_varpar  , only : dst_src_nbr, ndst, sz_nbr
   use clm_varcon  , only : grav, istsoil
   use clm_varcon  , only : istcrop
   use clm_varctl  , only : iulog
   use abortutils  , only : endrun
   use subgridAveMod, only: p2l_1d
   use clm_varcon, only: spval
   implicit none
   public Dustini        ! Initialize variables used in subroutine Dust
   public DustEmission   ! Dust mobilization 
   public DustDryDep     ! Turbulent dry deposition for dust
   Created by Sam Levis, updated to clm2.1 by Mariana Vertenstein
   Source: C. Zender's dust model


Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15