What is new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 since previous public releases?

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What is new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 since the June 15th, 2011 CESM1.0.3 release?
What was new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.3 since the December 8th, 2010 CESM1.0.2 release?
What was new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.2 (in CESM1.0.2) since the September 17th, 2010 CESM1.0.1 release?
What was new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.1 (in CESM1.0.1) since the April 1st, 2010 CCSM4.0 release?
What was new with CLM4.0.00 since CLM3.5?

In this section we list the updates that have occurred to CLM4 since previous public releases. In the first sections we describe changes in CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 since the CCSM4.0 release, and in the last one we describe changes from CLM3.5 to CLM4.0.00 release. Note, that the changes in the last section do NOT include the more recent changes given in the first section, but only list the changes from CLM3.5 to the CLM4.0.00 release that was part of the CCSM4.0 public release. We will describe both the changes in the science in the model as the software engineering changes. Software engineering changes includes the configure and namelist changes, as well as the new history fields.

What is new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 since the June 15th, 2011 CESM1.0.3 release?

What is new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 Science since CLM4 in CESM1.0.3?

No new science was introduced in CLM4 in CESM1.0.4. The scientific model version is the same as the CESM1.0.3 release.

What is new with CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 Software since CLM4 in CESM1.0.3?

Several bug fixes for CESM1.0.3 were implemented. A couple issues with CNDV were resolved. A issue with the configure step where it would hang with a bad user_nl_clm file was fixed. A few issues with history variables was fixed. We fixed it so that you could build with C13 on bluefire. Domain files and fraction files were made to be consistent. A problem with Gregorian input was fixed. Several issues with PTCLM were fixed. Monthly average files are no longer required to be one per month. CLM1PT mode was changed to "cycle" mode by default so that simulations running beyond the valid data range would NOT be invalidated. And a couple problems with PIO were fixed. The I1850SPINUPCN was changed to point to an appropriate 1850 case rather than a transient case.

For history variable issues: the variables: CISUN, CISHA, ALPHAPSNSUN, and ALPHAPSNSHA were fixed, and the units were corrected for: H2OSNO_TOP, HC, and HCSOI.

The domain and fraction files that were made to be consistent were for the following resolutions: T85_T85, T42_T42, T31_T31, f10_f10, f45_45, f19_f19, f09_f09, f05_f05, and f02_f02.

The PTCLM issues fixed were as follows. The version of PTCLM1 was updated from PTCLM1.110504 to PTCLM1.110726. The soil data was corrected for the US-UMB site. The final spinup time was fixed. And a problem with transient compsets was fixed.