CESM Models

CESM1.0.6 What's New


CESM1.0.6 offers five new WACCM compsets and three new BGC compsets as well as updates to supported machines and bug fixes. It is also the code base we recommend you use for running simulations that are scientifically supported as part of the CESM1.0 - CESM1.0.z series scientific validation and accompanying diagnostics.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Starting with CESM1.0.6, the Subversion repository path has changed. All documentation for downloading the most current version of the model has been updated in the CESM User's Guide to reflect this change and older version differences are noted.

To download the CESM1.0.6 release code, use this command:

> svn co --username guestuser --password [password] 
https://svn-ccsm-models.cgd.ucar.edu/cesm1/release_tags/cesm1_0_6 cesm1_0_6

You may be prompted up to 3 times for the username and password when checking out the code for the first time from this new Subversion path. This is because the code is distributed across a number of different Subversion repositories and each repository requires authentication.