One of the three ways to initialize CESM runs. CESM runs can be started as startup, hybrid or branch. Branch runs use the BRANCH $RUN_TYPE and the restart files from a previous run. See setting up a branch run.


The name of your job. This can be any string.


The case name. But when running create_newcase, it doubles as the case directory path name where build and run scripts are placed. $CASE is defined when you execute the create_newcase command;, and set in env_case.xml. Please see create a new case.


$CASEROOT - the full pathname of the root directory for case scripts (e.g. /user/$CASE). You define $CASEROOT when you execute the create_newcase, and is set in env_case.xml. $CASEROOT must be unique.


component - Each model can be run with one of several components. Examples of components include CAM, CICE, CLM, and POP. Component names will always be in all caps.

component set (compset)

Preset configuration settings for a model run. These are defined in component sets.


The full pathname of the root directory of the CESM source code. $CCSMROOT is defined when you execute the create_newcase command.


The case executable directory root. $EXEROOT is defined when you execute the configure command, and is set in env_build.xml.

hybrid run

A type of run. Hybrid runs use the HYBRID $RUN_TYPE and are initialized as an initial run, but use restart datasets from a previous CESM case. Please see setting up a hybrid run.


The supported machine name, and is defined in env_case.xml when you run the configure command. Please see hardware platforms for the list of supported machines.


CESM is comprised of five models (atm, ice, glc, lnd, ocn) and the coupler, cpl. The word model is loosely used to mean any one of the models or the coupler.

model input data

Refers to static input data for the model. Input data are provided as part of the release via an inputdata area or data from a server.


A supported version of CESM.


Refers to a set of data files and pointer files that the model generates and uses to restart a case.


The directory where the model is run, output data files are created, and log files are found when the job fails. This is usually $EXEROOT/run, and is set in env_build.xml by the configure command.


A version of CESM. Note: A tag may not be supported.