CESM Research Tools: CLM4.0 and CLM4.5 Offline Model Forcing Data Archived from CCSM4 historical and RCP simulations

CLM Offline CCSM4 Coupler History Model Forcing Data

  • 3-hourly forcing data (coupler history) is available for a historical CCSM4 simulation and for each of the RCPs through the Earth System Grid (registration required)
  • 20th C (1850-2005, b40.20th.track1.1deg.012)
  • RCP2.6 (2005-2100, b40.rcp2_6.1deg.006)
  • RCP4.5 (2005-2100, b40.rcp4_5.1deg.006)
  • RCP6.0 (2005-2100, b40.rcp6_0.1deg.006)
  • RCP8.5 (2005-2100, b40.rcp8_5.1deg.007)
  • Note that much or all of this data is already available on Yellowstone.