Creating an output SCRIP grid file at a resolution to run the model on

mkmapgrids to create SCRIP grid data files on a grid to run the model on. The program converts old formats of CAM or CLM grid files to SCRIP grid format. There is also a NCL script (mkscripgrid.ncl) to create regular latitude longitude regional or single-point grids at the resolution the user desires.

SCRIP grid files for all the standard model resolutions and the raw surface datasets have already been done and the files are in the XML database. Hence, this step doesn't need to be done -- EXCEPT WHEN YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN GRIDS. If you have a CLM grid or CAM file from previous versions and you want to convert it you can use mkmapgrids.

Using to create grid and maps for single-point regional grids

If you want to create a regular latitude/longitude single-point or regional grid, we suggest you use in models/lnd/clm/tools/mkmapdata which will create both the SCRIP grid file you need (using models/lnd/clm/tools/mkmapgrids/mkscripgrid.ncl AND an identity mapping file assuming there is NO ocean in your grid domain. If you HAVE ocean in your domain you could modify the mask in the SCRIP grid file for ocean, and then use ESMF_RegridWeightGen to create the mapping file, and gen_domain to create the domain file. Like other tools, mkmapdata/ has a help option with the following:

SYNOPSIS [options]	    Gets map and grid files for a single land-only point.
     -centerpoint [or -p] <lat,lon> Center latitude,longitude of the grid to create.
     -name [-or -n] <name>	    Name to use to describe point

     -dx <number>                   Size of total grid in degrees in longitude direction 
                                    (default is 0.1)
     -dy <number>                   Size of total grid in degrees in latitude direction 
                                    (default is 0.1)
     -silent [or -s]		    Make output silent
     -help [or -h]		    Print usage to STDOUT.
     -verbose [or -v]		    Make output more verbose.
     -nx <number>                   Number of longitudes (default is 1)
     -ny <number>                   Number of latitudes  (default is 1)
ERROR: MUST set the center point

See Figure 2-4 for a visual representation of this process.