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Known Problems in CESM1.1

The purpose of the CESM1.1.0 (CESM1.1) release is to make available to the CESM user community model functionality and infrastructure improvements. It is to be used as a code base for new model developments that require this new infrastructure. This release contains no scientifically validated (i.e. supported) component sets. As such, it is not to be used for scientific simulations.

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Component Sets (COMPSETS)

(Bugzilla 1604) CRITICAL PROBLEM with the following (primarily transient CO2) component sets:
(Bugzilla 1645) Problem using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7
(Bugzilla 1605) Incompatible initial conditions with BG1850CN at f09 resolution for both CLM and CISM.
(Bugzilla 1606) Running IAF compsets (CIAF, DIAF, GIAF) on non-bluefire machines.
(Bugzilla 1607) Interannual forcing data needs updated defaults.
(Bugzilla 1610) The f25_f25 grid definition has a bug in the ocean grid value and cannot be run out of the box.


(Bugzilla 1619) dust_emis_fact is being set wrong for CAM5-SE. It's being set to .35, it should be .55.
(Bugzilla 1612) WACCM compset incompatible with ESMF library.
(Bugzilla 1614) WACCM5 (WACCM with CAM5 physics) is known to crash intermittently, usually after a few months of output.
(Bugzilla 1613) FWSC compset hangs on some system when running threaded. Only appears to happen when the Intel compiler is used.
(Bugzilla 1615) F compsets cannot be run with the ESMF library on.


(Bugzilla 1678) WACCM-X hits a floating point exception with threading enabled.


(Bugzilla 1759) For CLM4.0, the RCP 6.0 and 8.5 file pftdyn for f09 and f19 was NOT correctly updated.
(Bugzilla 1630) Changes to get mkmapdata.sh working on yellowstone
(Bugzilla 1625) Problem setting a user defined initial condition file for a hybrid or branch case.
(Bugzilla 1447) The interpinic tool does not work properly for input files with multiple glacier elevation classes.
KnownBugs for CLM List of known issues for CLM.


(Bugzilla 1861) Issue using RESUBMIT option in env_run.xml when setting certain variables in user_nl_pop2
(Bugzilla 1655) CECO compset runs fail when PIO_TYPENAME = pnetcdf
(Bugzilla 1622) CFC initialization is incorrect for 20th century branch and hybrid runs
There was a bug in the diagnostic output for the value RHO_VINT. This bug has been fixed in the CESM 1.1.1 release and does not affect the prognostic variables in the original CESM 1.1 release.
Variables in the ecosys_parms_nml namelist can not be set in the user_nl_pop2 file. To fix this, copy this version of namelist_definition_pop2.xml into $CASEROOT/SourceMods/src.pop2/
In multi-instance runs, the instance number is omitted from some diagnostic output file names. To fix this, copy this version of build-namelist into $CASEROOT/SourceMods/src.pop2/


The CICE history files have some incorrect history fields (albpnd, albice, albsno). These should not be used.


(Bugzilla 1611) Restarts can only happen on year boundaries.

Machines / scripts

(Bugzilla 1718) Problem with compiler flag settings for Intel and COSP compilation.
(Bugzilla 1608) MCT Build fails on Pleiades,
(Bugzilla 1609) Hopper: The pgi 12.5.0 compiler has been producing intermittent internal compiler errors when compiling cesm.
(Bugzilla 1626) CESM component Makefile rebuilds all object files if any source file is modified


The installation instructions for building the check_maps/ESMF_RegridWeightGenCheck utility used by the check_map.sh script assume you are building on bluefire, not yellowstone. On yellowstone, the needed environment variable ($ESMFMKFILE) is set automatically when you load the proper ESMF module. For example, run
$ module load esmf
$ module load esmf-6.1.1-ncdfio-uni-O
Note that this requires the intel module to be loaded already, and will build the executable using the serial (intel) compiler so you can run the utility from the yellowstone login node.
Related to the problem above, the ESMF executables referenced in gen_mapping_files/gen_ESMF_mapping_file/create_ESMF_map.sh point to a directory that does not exist. Replace that script with this version.