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Known Problems in CESM1.1.2

Dear CESM User,

Beginning in March 2014, all the CESM supported releases known problems (except CESM1.0.5 and prior releases) will be reported and updated using the DiscussCESM Forums

CESM General -> Known Issues -> [sub forum topic]

Please be sure you are subscribed to the CESM General -> Known Issues sub-forum topic(s) of interest by logging into the forums and select options

My Account -> Subscriptions -> Categories

Check all sub-forum topics that you would like to keep informed about and the frequency of notifications.

These particular sub-forums are only accessible for posting by forum moderators and are intended to be used as an avenue for CESM developers to communicate known problems and fixes to the general CESM user community.

CESM users should continue to post their issues either as a topic in the main Bug Reporting forum and/or as a topic in the individual component models' Software and Run-time issues forums.

In addition to the organization of the sub-forums, some hints for searching the new sub-forum known issues topics include searching on phrases such as:

  • "Affected Releases CESM1.0.z" - to find all bug topics associated with the CESM1.0.z (z > 5) release series
  • "Affected Releases CESM1.1.z" - to find all bug topics associated with the CESM1.1.z release series
  • "Affected Releases CESM1.2.z" - to find all bug topics associated with the CESM1.2.z release series

Thank you.
CESM Software Engineering Group

CESM1.1.2 is an incremental bug fix release for CESM1.1.1.

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Component Sets (COMPSETS)

(Bugzilla 1645) Problem using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7
(Bugzilla 1605) Incompatible initial conditions with BG1850CN at f09 resolution for both CLM and CISM.
(Bugzilla 1606) Running IAF compsets (CIAF, DIAF, GIAF) on non-NCAR machines.


(Bugzilla 1751) COSP build fails with CESM1.1.1 - work around
(Bugzilla 1612) WACCM compset incompatible with ESMF library.
(Bugzilla 1614) WACCM5 (WACCM with CAM5 physics) is known to crash intermittently, usually after a few months of output.
(Bugzilla 1613) FWSC compset hangs on some systems when running threaded.
(Bugzilla 1615) F compsets cannot be run with the ESMF library on.


Known Issue - namelist description of "do_circulation_diags" in CAM's namelist_definition.xml should include:
(Bugzilla 1678) WACCM-X hits a floating point exception with threading enabled.


(Bugzilla 1740) Limitations with different coupling frequencies for different models.


(Bugzilla 1625) Problem setting a user defined initial condition file for a hybrid or branch case.
(Bugzilla 1447) The interpinic tool does not work properly for input files with multiple glacier elevation classes.
KnownBugs for CLM List of known issues for CLM.


(Bugzilla 1861) Issue using RESUBMIT option in env_run.xml when setting certain variables in user_nl_pop2


The CICE history files have some incorrect history fields (albpnd, albice, albsno). These should not be used.


(Bugzilla 1611) Restarts can only happen on year boundaries.

Machines / scripts

(Bugzilla 1875) Major problem when running any scripts in the $DOUT_S_ROOT directory while the short term archiver is active.
(Bugzilla 1910) Intermittent Problem on Yellowstone with MPI_Wtime call.
(Bugzilla 1793) The pgi compiler is currently failing in calls to mpi_init on yellowstone.
(Bugzilla 1594) Problem and fix when running create_clone
(Bugzilla 1743) Coordination of variables EXEROOT and RUNDIR in env_build.xml and env_run.xml
(Bugzilla 1636) Problem with pleiades
(Bugzilla 1626) CESM component Makefile rebuilds all object files if any source file is modified
When running multiple instances, not all namelist files get copied to $CASEROOT/CaseDocs/. To fix this problem, copy this version of preview_namelists into $CASEROOT