Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents
How To Use This Document
CESM Overview
Downloading CESM
Quick Start (CESM Workflow)

How To Use This Document

This guide instructs both novice and experienced users on building and running CESM. If you are a new user, we recommend that the introductory sections be read before moving onto other sections or the Quick Start procedure. This document is written so that, as much as possible, individual sections stand on their own and the user's guide can be scanned and sections read in a relatively ad hoc order. In addition, the web version provides clickable links that tie different sections together.

The chapters attempt to provide relatively detailed information about specific aspects of CESM such as setting up a case, building the model, running the model, porting, and testing. There is also a large section of use cases and FAQs.

Throughout the document, this presentation style indicates shell
commands and options, fragments of code, namelist variables, etc.
Where examples from an interactive shell session are presented,
lines starting with '>' indicate the shell prompt.

Please feel free to provide feedback to CESM about how to improve the documentation.

CESM Model Version Naming Conventions

CESM model release versions include three numbers separated by a dot (.) - CESM X.Y.Z

  • X - corresponds to the major release number indicating significant science changes.

  • Y - corresponds to the addition of new infrastructure and new science capabilities for targeted components.

  • Z - corresponds to release bug fixes and machine updates.