CESM Models

What's New in CESM1.2.0 - Software

The CESM1.2 release has numerous new key features among which are the addition of CLM4.5, new science changes to CAM5 running with the CAM-SE dynamical core, and new scripting infrastructure for the generation of component sets, grids and model testing.

Additional information regarding these updates is also available in the CESM User's Guide and in the individual model component documentation.

General Updates for Specifying Component Sets (compsets) and Resolution Grids

CESM1.2.0 provides a completely new way to generate component sets and grids that also allows for backwards compatiblity with older compsets. A complete list of supported compsets and resolution grids are specified using an XML schema that is described with the complete lists in the documentation.


These are the notable improvements associated with the CAM5.3 model in CESM1.2.0


The new features available in CAM-Chem in this release include:

All these are released to give users access to these new capabilities. Only limited evaluation has been performed.


Functional updates for WACCM include:


For more details on the changes made in CESM1.2.0, see the "What's new in CESM1.2.0" section of the CISM documentation.


Data Models


Driver update include:


Updates to the POP ocean model include:



CAM-CHEM and WACCM scripts changes and Component Sets

CESM1.2.0 introduced the following scripts changes for CAM-CHEM and WACCM:

CESM build support for aquaplanet outside of CAM

The following five configurations can now be built using the CESM build scripts:

Tools / Mapping

Updates to the tools and mapping capabilities include:


CESM1.2.0 introduces a new WAV model to CESM with initial support of just the stub and dead versions for this release.